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Can I user post method both for create and update?

I have tried "PUT" method for updating resources, but I am not getting the parameters on server side.

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PUT isn't handled natively through PHP (i.e. $_PUT) nor through CodeIgniter. Two things to do off of the top of my head: 1) Grab the PUT variables youreself or 2) Use Phil Sturgeon's REST library.

//put an associative array into $post_vars variable

Source: http://www.lornajane.net/posts/2008/accessing-incoming-put-data-from-php

However, since you are working with CodeIgniter, you should use Phil Sturgeon's library if you can't find a genuine reason not to. It's tried, true, and tested and handles all of the HTTP verbs.


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Yes. Due to lack of consistent client implementations for PUT or DELETE methods, standard practice is to send a POST request and either A) use a query string parameter (i.e. ?_method=PUT) or B) send an X-METHOD-OVERRIDE header.

(Quick Google search returned this: http://www.endurasoft.com/Blog/post/X-HTTP-Method-Override.aspx)

You would probably need to extend the CI_Input class to know the difference between a create action and an update.

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Hi Landons how can I parse this response in php? i have tried $result = $ex->getResponse(); $xmlObj = simplexml_load_string($result); echo $tracks = $xml->item->company_name; but getting a null –  sree Nov 20 '12 at 5:25

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