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When I render a google map object, I see a bunch of "markers" with the names of places next to them. Most of them are square dots, but sometimes they have a wine glass for a bar or a cup of coffee for a Starbucks.

What are these points called?

How do I detect when they are clicked? A 'click' listener on the Map object does not run if one of these points are clicked.

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They are "points of interest" (poi).

You can't detect when they are clicked, but you can "style" the map not to display them.

See this thread in the Google Maps API v3 goup for details.

Enhancement request

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I cheated and made an invisible rectangle whose bounds equaled the maps bounds, updated with the map's "bounds_changed" event. This worked for my particular case where I wanted to draw a happy little circle where the user clicked. – Jason Rice Nov 20 '12 at 8:31

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