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*I'm creating a batch simulation job chooser + scheduler using Tkinter (Portable PYscripter, python v2.7.3)
*This program will function as a front end, to a commercial solver program
*The program needs to allow the user to choose a bunch of files to simulate, sequentially, one after the other.
*It also needs to have the facility to modify (Add/delete) jobs from an existing/running job list.
*Each simulation will definitely run for several hours.
*The output of the simulation will be viewed on separate programs and I do not need any pipe to the output. The external viewer will be called from the GUI, when desired.

***I have a main GUI window, which allows the user to :
choose job files, submit jobs, view the submission log, stop running jobs(one by one)
The above works well.

*If I use subprocess.Popen("command") : all the simulation input files are launched at the same time. It MUST be sequential (due to license and memory limitations)

*If I use subprocess.call(" ") or the wait() method, then the GUI hangs and there is no scope to stop/add/modify the job list. Even if the "job submit" command is on an independent window, both the parent windows hang untill the job completes.

*How do I launch the simulation jobs sequentially (like subprocess.call) AND allow the main GUI window to function for the purpose of job list modification or stopping a job ?
The jobs are in a list, taken using "askopenfilenames" and then run using a For loop.

Relevant parts of the Code :

def file_chooser_default(): 
    global flist1
    flist1=askopenfilename(parent = root2, filetypes =[('.def', '*.def'),('All', '*.*'),('.res', '*.res')], title ="Select Simulation run files...", multiple = True)[1:-1].split('} {')

def ext_process():
    while i < len(flist1):
        p[i]='"%s" -def "%s"'%(cfx5solvepath,flist1[i])
    while i < len(p):

root2 = Tk()
root2.title("NEW WINDOW")
frame21=Frame(root2, borderwidth=3, relief="solid").pack()
w21= Button(root2,fg="blue", text="Choose files to submit",command=file_chooser_default).pack()
w2a1=Button(root2,fg="white", text= 'Display chosen file names and order', command=lambda:print_var(flist1)).pack()
w2b1= Button (root2,fg="white", bg="red", text="S U B M I T", command=ext_process).pack()

Please let me know if you require anything else. Look forward to your help.

On incorporating the changes suggested by @Tim , the GUI is left free. Since there is a specific sub-program associated with the main solver program to stop the job, I am able to stop the job using the right command.

Once the currently running job is stopped, the next job on the list starts up, automatically, as I was hoping.

This is the code used for stopping the job :

def  stop_select(): #Choose the currently running files which are to be stopped
    global flist3
    flist3=askdirectory().split('} {')

def sim_stop(): #STOP the chosen simulation
    st= subprocess.call('"%s" -directory "%s"'%(defcfx5stoppath,flist3[0]))
    ret1=tkMessageBox.showinfo("INFO","Chosen simulation stopped successfully")
    os.chdir("%s" %currentwd)

QUESTION 2 : *Once the above jobs are Completed, using start_new_thread, the GUI doesn't respond. The GUI works while the jobs are running in the background. But the start_new_thread documentation says that the thread is supposed to exit silently when the function returns.

*Additionally, I have a HTML log file that is written into/updated as each job completes. When I use start_new_thread ,the log file content is visible only AFTER all the jobs complete. The contents, along with the time stamps are however correct. Without using start_new_thread, I was able to refresh the HTML file to get the updated submission log.

***On exiting the GUI program using the Task manager several times, I am suddenly unable to use the start_new_thread function !! I have tried reinstalling PYscripter and restarting the computer as well. I can't figure out anything sensible from the traceback, which is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 532, in write
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\protocol.py", line 439, in _async_request
seq = self._send_request(handler, args)
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\protocol.py", line 229, in _send_request
self._send(consts.MSG_REQUEST, seq, (handler, self._box(args)))
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\protocol.py", line 244, in _box
if brine.dumpable(obj):
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\brine.py", line 369, in dumpable
return all(dumpable(item) for item in obj)
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\brine.py", line 369, in <genexpr>
return all(dumpable(item) for item in obj)
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\brine.py", line 369, in dumpable
return all(dumpable(item) for item in obj)
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\site-packages\rpyc\core\brine.py", line 369, in <genexpr>
return all(dumpable(item) for item in obj)
File "C:\Portable Python\App\Python_Working_folder\v350.py", line 138, in ext_process
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\subprocess.py", line 493, in call
return Popen(*popenargs, **kwargs).wait()
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\subprocess.py", line 679, in __init__
errread, errwrite)
File "C:\Portable Python\App\lib\subprocess.py", line 896, in _execute_child
WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified
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I'd suggest using a separate thread for the job launching. The simplest way would be to use the start_new_thread method from the thread module.

Change the submit button's command to command=lambda:thread.start_new_thread(ext_process, ())

You will probably want to disable the button when it's clicked and enable it when the launching is complete. This can be done inside ext_process.

It becomes more complicated if you want to allow the user to cancel jobs. This solution won't handle that.

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Thanks @Tim. I've edited the post. –  Shreyas Nov 20 '12 at 7:09
@Shreyas: No problem. Was there anything else you needed answering? If not, and you are happy with this answer, please accept it. –  Tim Nov 20 '12 at 7:11
:I just noticed, the GUI program hangs once the process is complete! –  Shreyas Nov 20 '12 at 7:24

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