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I am a very new developer for IOS, i need help, How to create dropdown box in xcode, any one provide me example to create country list in drop down?

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also refer to – Satish Azad Oct 30 '13 at 17:33
@Ramz please don't post broken link – yazh Jan 30 '15 at 11:36
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Here I found two demos for dropDown list, One is creating custom expandable UITableViewCell like :-

enter image description here


enter image description here

source code :- DEMO

AND Another is custom Drop Down list like:-

enter image description here

by clicking of test then open drop down list as bellow like image

drop down list

source code with Tab Bar:-DEMO

updated source code without Tab Bar :-

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second dropdown is fine but i want this example with tab. could you give me any example? – Adnan Khan Nov 22 '12 at 13:03
you simply add tab bar controller in your project and impliment above projects method – Nitin Gohel Nov 22 '12 at 13:05
sorry nitin gohel, i want this example without tab, this example has already tabs. – Adnan Khan Nov 22 '12 at 13:12
wait i just epdate my answer without tab this example – Nitin Gohel Nov 22 '12 at 13:14
i am a very new ipone developer, nitin Gohel could you help me to update dropdown on single view application, i dont want other files. – Adnan Khan Nov 26 '12 at 6:43

I beleive you shouldn't use dropdown boxes in iOS, as it's a desktop OS UI control element. You should think up something else using existing components (like PickerView), that's the words for UI consistency.

And if you need this anyway, you may create a table view, place it beneath your label and a triangular button(which causes it to appear and disappear) and populate it with values.

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Since there are no native DropDown elements in iOS, you could make use of a TestField with custom background and a UITableView to accomplish that. Here is how to go about it.


  • Create a TextField and set it's delegate to parent controller
  • Implement UITextFieldDelegate and implement the textFieldShouldBeginEditing method
  • Create a new UIViewController and implement UITableView in it programmatically.
  • Create a custom protocol and create it's object (delegate) it.
  • In the `textFieldShouldBeginEditing method, load this controller and present it modally passing the required table's data source and set delegate as parent.
  • in the new table controller, implement UITableViewDelegate and implement the didSelectRowAtIndex path method.
  • Upon row selection, call the delegate with passing appropriate data.
  • dismiss the modally presented controller.
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The easy and simple way to design a drop down list is by representing it like a UITableView and some animation. This makes it look really like a dropdownlist. Here is a code I used for creating one . For this first import the framework.

TableView.hidden = NO;
if(TableView.frame.origin.y ==203)
    [UIView beginAnimations:nil context:NULL]; 
    [UIView setAnimationDuration:0.5f];
    [TableView setFrame:CGRectMake(224, 204, 27, 160)];
    [UIView commitAnimations];
    [self.view TableView];

else if (TableView.frame.origin.y == 204)
    [TableView setFrame:CGRectMake(224, 203, 27, 0)];
    TableView.hidden = YES;

[self.view addSubview:TableActivityLevel];

First make a tableview , declare its methods and make the array . Put this function on the click of a UIButton and youll see it work !!! Happy coding :)

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just for whom searching for small simple swift combo box here in 2016 year, i've tried a few of old and new (but obj-c) libs, and at last selected this:

here is screenshot: enter image description here

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