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I have a string that says "12345". I want to take the 3rd element from the string to convert it to integer (which in this case, the 3rd element would be '3'). How would I do so ?

I heard that you can use Integer.parseInt(s) but this will return the whole integer of the String. I just want one element from it, and at the x-th position.

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I think the easiest way would be to simply use String.SubString. Something like:

string number = "12345";
string element = number.SubString(2, 1); 

Where 2 is the position of the third character (remember it's 0 indexed) and 1 is the number of characters to return. You can then turn that into an integer if you want.

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you can do some thing like that...

int number = Integer.parseInt(givenString.charAt(xPosition));

Hope it helps.

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The [charAt() method] (http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_charat.asp) should get you what you need

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I tried the string.charAt(x) method, but instead, it returns a character value, and when I convert the char back to Integer, it returns unexpected values =.=" – e-zard Yusof Nov 20 '12 at 14:01

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