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Are there means to access audio and video files from the default audio/video folders in Windows Phone 8? I already checked this document but all methods (for instance KnownFolders.MusicLibrary) are not implemented on the WP8:

I need access to the raw file data. It would also be fine to access the data from a Windows Phone Runtime or from pure C++ if it's not possible from C#.

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KnownFolders doesn't work on WP8 for 3rd party apps.

In terms of access on WP8 here's what's available:

  • Contacts: Read access available since WP7.5, write-access available via WP8 ContactStore.
  • Appointments: Read-access available since WP7.5. In WP8 you can add individual appointments after user confirmation via the SaveAppointmentTask.
  • Photos: Read access to all folders available since WP7. Write-access to Camera Roll and Saved Pictures available since WP7.5.
  • Audio: Developers can iterate over the music library and even play it via the native player since WP7. Starting WP8 developers can add songs to the music library using MediaLibraryExtensions.SaveSong().
  • Video: Read-write isn't available. There are security and storage issue with transporting files that big.
  • uSD Card: Starting WP8 apps can register for specific file extensions and read those from the micro-SD card.
  • Documents: No read-write access. But starting WP8 developers can open up docx/xlsx/etc files using Launcher.LaunchFileAsync and it will open up a read-only copy in Office. Users can then choose to save that copy in the Office Hub.

I've made this post a wiki so if there are any additional areas, feel free to edit and add those bullet points.

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It's a real pitty that the WP8 file access system model is so strict, even not allowing read (write) acccess to Video or Music folders. – Hyndrix Nov 28 '12 at 6:23
What about the favorites folder, for photos? The folder shows up in the MediaLibrary object, but is always empty. Is there any way to get those files from code? – Jeffrey Harmon Jan 4 '13 at 15:46

With the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1 you can now access KnownFolders. Here is a screenshot of me saving to the video folder (Xbox Video app) KnownFolders access

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mh intersting, but do you know if we can or not delete file from the device ? Since the app ? Thanks so much for this answer – Mehdi Bugnard Jul 14 '14 at 15:09

Consider upgrading your project to Windows Phone 8.1 which has access to

Pictures Library, Music Library, Video Library

Check this out

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