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I cut out a bunch of my code to get down to what I need help with, I have a image that when I hover over it it changes images, but how cna I add on that when I click on that image it brings you to lets say mywebsite.com ?? http://pastebin.com/h83yi3e3


       #buttonOne {width:140px;height:60px;background-image:url(buttonOne.png);}
       #buttonOne:hover {width:140px;height:60px;background-image:url(buttonOneH.png);}
       #buttonTwo {width:140px;height:60px;background-image:url(buttonTwo.png);}
       #buttonTwo:hover {width:140px;height:60px;background-image:url(buttonTwoH.png);}
       #buttonThree {width:140px;height:60px;background-image:url(buttonThree.png);}
       #buttonThree:hover {width:140px;height:60px;background-image:url(buttonThreeH.png);}
      <div id="buttonOne">

      <div id="buttonTwo">

      <div id="buttonThree">
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what do you mean with it brings you to lets say mywebsite.com –  Tom Sarduy Nov 20 '12 at 6:47

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Well i'm not sure what you guys were talkign abotu removign the divs, didn't work for me, What I did is inside those empty divs I had I added in a link-image that was invisible.

<div id="buttonOne">
<a href="mywebsite.com" target="_blank"><img src="inbut.png">
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Using anchor tags you can do like this-

<a id="buttonOne" href="mywebsite.com"></a>

and then you can use a:hover to change the images

In css-

#buttonOne a:hover
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No reason to use inline styles. The posted CSS should work fine as is so long as the id's remain. –  Alex Wayne Nov 20 '12 at 6:56
I just gave an example, dint address the code specified. Will edit it. –  Cdeez Nov 20 '12 at 6:58

Make those divs into a tags instead. That's kind of what they are for. If you want an element that you can click to go to another url, you want an <a> tag.

<a id="buttonOne" href="http://letssaymywebsite.com/"></a>
<a id="buttonTwo" href="http://letssaymywebsite.com/"></a>
<a id="buttonThree" href="http://letssaymywebsite.com/"></a>
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