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I have the following xml (xmlResidentPrevAddInfo):

    <Row resmID="10458" raddAddress1="123 super highway" raddCityName="us" raddState="AR" raddZip="65412" raddCountry="US"/>
    <Row resmID="10459"/>
    <Row resmID="10460" raddAddress1="123 super highway" raddAddress2="" raddCityName="us" raddState="CA" raddZip="65412" raddCountry="US"/>
    <Row resmID="10461" raddAddress1="2750 Worden St" raddAddress2=" " raddCityName="SAN DIEGO" raddState="CA" raddZip="92110" raddCountry="US"/>

the complete attributes of the xml are resmid, raddAddress1, raddAddress2, raddCityName, raddState, raddZip, and raddCountry. but sometimes, depends on the input of the user, they have null values. that's why the second row doesnt have any attributes because the user did not input any address. Same as the third and last row, they have a null value for the attribute raddAddress2.

Now the problem is when I want to get the values of this xml(xmlResidentPrevAddInfo) to another xml(xmlAddresstobePosted). see code below:

var root = xmlResidentPrevAddInfo.getElementsByTagName("CurrAddress")[0];
        var lease = xmlResidentPrevAddInfo.getElementsByTagName("CurrAddress")[0];
        var rows = lease.childNodes;
            for(var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++)
                var resmid = rows[i].getAttribute("resmID");
                var address1 = rows[i].getAttribute("raddAddress1");
                var address2 = rows[i].getAttribute("raddAddress2");
                var cityname = rows[i].getAttribute("raddCityName");
                var addstate = rows[i].getAttribute("raddState");
                var addzip = rows[i].getAttribute("raddZip");
                var addCountry = rows[i].getAttribute("raddCountry"); 

                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("ResmID", resmid); 
                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("Address1", address1);
                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("Address2", address2);
                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("City", cityname);
                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("State", addstate);
                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("Zip", addzip);
                xmlAddresstobePosted.selectSingleNode("//CurrAddress").setAttribute("CountryID", addCountry);


Now when Im setting the value of the attribute with a null value, it errors. How do I make it to accept null values?

language is javascript.

any help would be appeciated. Thanks!

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Is there a reason you are trying to set the values as null? Any reason why you couldn't use something like .setAttribute("ResmID", resmid == null || ""); ? –  Ian Nov 20 '12 at 7:10
the addresses are dependent whether the user who uses the system would like to input an address. If the user did not input an address, then the value is null. I would like this to be dynamic, to accept even null values –  aedz Nov 20 '12 at 7:27
and what does this do? .setAttribute("ResmID", resmid == null || ""); –  aedz Nov 20 '12 at 7:27
Well, I used the wrong method - you'd probably want resmid == null ? "" : resmid - there are other options, but I think it's the most readable. It says "if resmid is null, then use an empty string, otherwise use the value of resmid". That way, null values aren't allowed and are replaced with basically nothing. –  Ian Nov 20 '12 at 7:37
I guess the point is that as long as an empty string (which is basically what "null" means when it comes to attributes) is okay, then you can use this little conditional I provided and it shouldn't produce an error that I can think of... –  Ian Nov 20 '12 at 7:46

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