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I am having 2 kendo grids which are coming dynamically and the rows and the columns in the grid are also coming dynamically.I have only single save button at the end of grids.

My question is when i click the save button i want to save all the values that are modified in the grids. Hope you understand my question.How can i able to do that.Can any one please provide me help

Thanks and Regards, Srinivas

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Assuming that you have something like:

var grid1 = $("#grid1").kendoGrid({...}).data("kendoGrid");
var grid2 = $("#grid2").kendoGrid({...}).data("kendoGrid");

$("#save_both").click(function() {

Basically, when the button is clicked you invoke the saveChanges method of both grids (see http://docs.kendoui.com/api/web/grid#savechanges for more information on saveChanges).

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In the each grid i am giving some radio buttons,question etc in the display mode directly. The grid should not be edited. When i click the radio button for the particular question the answer should be in the columns like radio button. I want to save all the questions and answers to the database. –  SrinivasNaidu Nov 20 '12 at 10:41
Sorry, I thought I understood your question but reading your comment I see that I didn't and I don't. What I have explained is how to force saving modified data in two grids when you click an HTML element identified by "save_both". Now, you save that the grid "should not be edited" but it has "radio buttons" that you can click... Click a radio button is editing it!!! –  OnaBai Nov 20 '12 at 11:45
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