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I have the link_to tag below and i'm curious as to what the best way is to create this link and also check if the first_name and last_name are nil?

I still want to have a link if only one of the names is nil (first or last).

<%= link_to "#{u.user_details.first_name+" "+u.user_details.last_name}", profile_path(u), :class => 'name' %>
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what about using link_to_if ? – Said Kaldybaev Nov 20 '12 at 7:27

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A clean way to achieve this would be

class UserDetails
  def full_name
     self.last_name].compact.join(' ')

Then, in the controller

<%= link_to(u.user_details.full_name,
            :class => 'name') if u.user_details.full_name.present? %>

With link_to_if, the 'name' parameter would be returned if the condition is not filled, and you don't need it since it will be an empty string.

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For my taste there's too much code in the view. I'd prefer to use the model and a helper:

# user_details.rb
def full_name
  "#{first_name} {last_name}"

# helper.rb
def my_link_to(user)
  name = user.user_details.full_name
  return "" if name.blank?
  link_to name, profile_path(user), :class => 'name'  

# view.erb
<%= my_link_to user %>
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With "#{first_name} {last_name}", if one of them is blank, you will have a blank space at the beginning or the end of your full_name. – oldergod Nov 20 '12 at 23:55
You're right, it should be "#{first_name} {last_name}".strip – claasz Nov 21 '12 at 8:14

You can use anchor string like this: "#{[u.user_details.first_name, u.user_details.last_name].join(' ')}".

Check out how #join works first.

Downside of this solution is that link will be created even if there is no user details provided, but it will have empty anchor string.

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A working method is :

<%= link_to "#{u.user_details.first_name+" "+u.user_details.last_name}", profile_path(u), :class => 'name' if u.user_details.first_name.blank? or u.user_details.last_name.blank?  %>

But I'm not sure this is the best way...

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<%= link_to_if u.user_details.first_name || u.user_details.last_name,
[u.user_details.first_name, u.user_details.last_name].compact.join(' '),
profile_path(u), :class => 'name' %>

I might, however, refactor it to something like:

<% a = [u.user_details.first_name, u.user_details.last_name].compact %>
<%= link_to_unless a.empty?, a.join(' '), profile_path(u), class: 'name' %>
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I would also check they are not blank and use join :

<% name = [u.user_details.first_name, u.user_details.last_name].reject(&:blank?).join(" ") %>
<%= link_to name, profile_path(u), :class => 'name' unless name.blank? %>
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