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I'm facing a simple problem with Vim : I would like to copy a word and then cut another to paste the first in the 2nd place

For example :

Platea, integer nisi velit!

I would like to transform it to :

Platea, integer nisi integer!

How can i make it the easiest way ? If i copy integer with y and then cut velit with d i can't copy the first word anymore, the buffer contains velit ...

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You can follow these steps:

  • Yank integer (yiw)
  • Visual select velit (viw)
  • Paste (p)

Also try YangRing.vim plugin.

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+1 - never realized you could do viw. Very cool. –  RocketDonkey Nov 20 '12 at 8:04

You could try yanking into a register. For example, with the cursor on integer:


Which will yank integer into the x register (arbitrary letter), and then after deleting velit, you can paste using "xp. You can use this with multiple registers as well, so if you need to do an assortment of copy/pastes using the same words in different combinations, it may be useful. I'm sure there will be a more elegant way provided by the Vim gurus, but that should work if you need something to tide you over :)

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That's "register", not "buffer", :help registers.

Here is a mapping I've had in my ~/.vimrc for a while:

vnoremap <leader>p "_dP

It deletes the selected text into the "black hole" register and puts the content of the unnamed register. Easy.

Another option is to use register zero: "0p.

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I don't really understand your tips. If i understand it right, i have to copy my word --with ye, then select in visual mode the 2nd word -- ve and <leader>p. I don't really get the difference btw your solution and the kev's one. –  angezanetti Nov 20 '12 at 10:14
When you paste aaa over bbb, the unnamed register now contains bbb and you can't paste aaa again over ccc. This tip adresses this issue. But I think that I misread your question. I didn't saw that you were cutting before pasting and that that was the issue. Indeed, viwp is the right way to "paste over" in Vim. –  romainl Nov 20 '12 at 10:31

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