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Scrollable content inside an HTML does not scroll in android emulator or phone

I have the two nested div and has the scroll bar also. It works fine in browser but while using this in touch devices, the outer scroll only works but inner scroll cannot work.

<div id='parentscroll' style='overflow: auto;height: 100px'> 
   <div id='innerscroll' style='overflow: auto;height: 50px'>

The above is my coding i try to scroll the inner element, but the parent element only scrolls while touch.

Is there any way to scroll the inner content also.?

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in a web view? or are you developing an html5 app? – AnhSirk Dasarp Nov 23 '12 at 5:18

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Android 3.0 and higher have support for overflow:, on < 3.0 it's another story. You might have some success with polyfills like iScroll, however that does come at a cost. It's difficult to implement on sites with complex layouts, and you need to a call a method everytime the content on your site changes. Memory use is also an issue: on already underpowered devices performance may lag because of these kinds of polyfills.

Here is a comparison of Scrollable DIV on mobile phones

I think this will help you to find the best solution. I recommend to use iScroll OR touchScroll for your issue.

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