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I want to show folders with icons in my NSPopUpButton. It is common for popups that used for selecting path for file. I'm new user and i can't post images. U can see that for example in U Torrent->preferences->directories

Please provide detailed answer because I'm completely new at that.

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad English

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For each NSMenuItem in your menu, you need to set the appropriate image, calling setImage:

In short, you need to prepare your menu item, attach it to a menu, and attach the latter to your popup button, like so:

NSPopUpButton *yourButton = [[NSPopUpButton alloc] init];
NSMenu *yourMenu = [[NSMenu alloc] init];

NSMenuItem *menuItem = [[NSMenuItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"some label" action:nil keyEquivalent:@""];
NSImage *iconImage = [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] iconForFile:@"yourFilePath"];
[iconImage setSize:NSMakeSize(16,16)];

[menuItem setImage:iconImage];
[yourMenu insertItem:menuItem atIndex:0];
[yourButton setMenu:yourMenu];

Note the use of iconForFile: in NSWorkspace, which allows you to show the same icon used in the Finder.

For more examples, you can have a look at this sample code by Apple: ButtonMadness

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