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I'm trying to execute a Shell from my Controller via AJAX request.

In my controller :

public function log_import() {
    $this->autoRender = false;

    App::import('Console/Command', 'AppShell');
    App::import('Console/Command', 'IzigetlogShell');

    $job = new IzigetlogShell();

    echo "REPONSE";


And my shell :

App::import('Core', 'Controller');
App::import('Controller', 'Suivis');

class IzilogShell extends AppShell {

    public $uses = array('Suivi');

        -- DU CODE --  

          $this->Suivi = new SuivisController();

          $exist_date = $this->Suivi->find('first',
                  'conditions' => array('Suivi.date' => $date_calcul)


But i always get the same error message : PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method SuivisController::find() in C:\wamp\www\iziboxLogs\app\Console\Command\IzigetlogShell.php on line XX

I tried to execute the shell from the console and i got the same error.

Any ideas ? Thanks, Martin

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your title is partly wrong - you also got it the other way - executing a controller from shell. either way, its an abuse of (Cake)PHP and MVC to do so. The answers you got so far are no better I am afraid. – mark Nov 20 '12 at 9:01
@Mark. You're right, I focused on the Shell code and missed the fact that the Shell class was also called from the controller. – nIcO Nov 20 '12 at 9:10

The short answer is: You don't!

Its a violation of the MVC what cake stands for. You need to move your "shared" code into a model and use this model only in both cases. not the controller (which is the link/logic from model and "webbrowser", not your shell). and not the shell from within the controller (since the shell is the link/logic from model and "CLI").


  • Model contains all the code
  • Shell uses Model and its methods
  • Controller uses Model and its method

=> DRY and clean

then you would also need not a single App::import (or better App::uses) statement.

PS: if you happen to have a lot of non-model code, you can also make a Lib in APP/Lib and use this as your common class.

PPS: public $uses = array('Suivi'); is for models anyway, not for controllers (as the docs speficy by the way).

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By doing this

$this->Suivi = new SuivisController();

this->Suivi becomes a SuiviController and not a Suivi model anymore.

But you then use it as a model:

$exist_date = $this->Suivi->find(...);

The find() method is a model method, not a controller method. So if you do need to call the find() method, there is no need to instanciate the SuivisController at all.

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