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im creating an Windows Store App, and i want to focus the Textbox of my PopDialog.

 GroupName = new TextBox();
 GroupName.Width = 400;
 GroupName.Height =35;
 GroupName.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center;
 GroupName.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Left;

Also i need to focus the Button, so if the User pushes enter the Button gets activated.

 Button create = new Button();
 create.Content = "Erstellen";
 create.Click += AddGroup;
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If you are meaning that you want to bring up the "soft" keyboard manually then I do not think that is possible. There is keyboard system that manages that user experience and can't be initiated manually however if you would like to register to be notified when a user brings up the keyboard that is possible.


In that case you can attach to the onHiding function and use that to initiate the submission.

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  1. Giving focus to a textfield will show the keyboard
  2. If you put the textbox in a form with a submit button, enter will be automatically trigger the submit button without any extra code.

So the trick is, force focus into your text box which is in a form with a submit button, and all should be good.

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