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I have a c# solution with multiple projects. I have a .sln file I build the solution with in VS2012.

I am looking to set up TFS Build and want to include some custom msbuild actions, such as running stylecop and fxcop rules. I want these tasks to fire when building the solution locally and within tfs build.

I have looked at creating a .proj file for the solution. However, I am not sure how this can be setup locally and to run the tasks locally.

What is the correct setup for tasks to be run within tfs build and visual studio?

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My best guess is to set the flag "Enable Code Analysis on Build" in the project settings "Code Analysis". More on that here.

I suppose that running StyleCop is better fitted in the IDE (check R#) or the VCS (check SVNStyleCop) on commit. I am not sure if the same exists for GIT or other repositories.

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