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I am making a project in C#.net in which i have to get the source code of a webpage and identify some specific tags.

For example i have to find all the


tag in the code. and i have to store it in a variable.

i succeeded in my first step by getting source code of a web page by my c#.net application. I have no ideas how to get a tag and store its position in a variable?

Give me a sugesstion

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To parse HTML use a dedicated library such as HtmlAgilityPack, but avoid using regular expressions.

Here is an example on extracting links from a snippet of HTML, you can adapt it to get the img tags.

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I'd recommend to use HtmlAgitityPack for this work, it's very flexible with raw html markup to get tagged content, e.g. :

 HtmlDocument htmlDocument = new HtmlDocument();
 htmlDocument.LoadHtml("<html><head></head><body><div><img /><div><img /><img/></div></div><img/></body></html>");

 var nodes = htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//img");
 // 4 nodes found
 foreach (var node in nodes)
     // do stuff
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