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When loading jpgs with a different color profile, the images are displayed with different colors. Other applications show the image fine, but my flex application fades the color away. How do I fix it?

I'm using flex 4.6 with this simple tag:

<s:Image width="100%" height="100%" source="birdie.jpg" />

example: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-5LKCg7nJYsM/UKtGFQ4XPdI/AAAAAAAAIoA/eYJun0dXJZw/s912/example.jpg

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how about converting to png.. ? or not an option ? –  Adrian Pirvulescu Nov 20 '12 at 9:04
Not an option. Users should be able to select images and we cannot convert every image before displaying it. –  Maurits de Boer Nov 20 '12 at 9:28

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