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Every time when I try to save something into the database, I get this error message. I saw that Heroku offer free PostgreSQL database for the first 10.000 records, above 10.000 records is needed to pay for the database.

Right now, in my database is like 60.000 records. How to fix that error/upgrade database?

Thank you in advance

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-1 no research effort; this is widely discussed and well documented, including right on Heroku's site, and on SO with questions like this: stackoverflow.com/q/11930996/398670 – Craig Ringer Nov 20 '12 at 12:47
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You'll want to use the PG Backups add-on to backup your database then migrate from your dev/basic plan to a production-grade (paid) plan.

The short of it:

  • Provision new production grade Heroku Postgresql plan
  • Put your app on maintenance mode to prevent new updates
  • Capture the backup
  • Restore to the upgraded database
  • Promote new database to primary
  • Reactivate your app


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You are over your limit. You need to upgrade to a larger plan, delete data, or live with having read-only access. Those are your only three options.

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First of all, you have to upgrade your plan on heroku. To do that, go to this link.

This is a very nice article where all the steps to migrate a DB on heroku to another plan are explained.

I have also faced this problem and fixed the problem smoothly with the help of the above tutorial.

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Or :

Load a dump of you db locally. Clean this up. Put this dump on heroku.

Or :

Connect via psql or pgadmin to the remote database and clean this up.

This answer isn't sponsored by Heroku

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Just wanted to add my solution for posterity. I had the same issue where I was getting the error :Heroku: PG::Error: ERROR: permission denied for relation" event though I was only using 180/10000 rows of my DB. I did:

heroku restart

and this fixed the issue.

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