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I use Python 3 and unofficial PIL module. My code works fine. But after using cx_freeze I get exception "_imaging c module is not installed".

What can I do with this problem? All solutions that I found were about Python 2.X and Linux OS. I need the solution for Windows and Python 3.

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Finally, I solved the problem. _imagingtk needs ImageTk imported first. So this code works:

from PIL import ImageTk
from PIL import _imagingtk

And there is no more problem with cx_freeze. But really I don't understand what the real reason of this bug was. I just guessed the solution.

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So, I solved the problem with _imaging. I just needed to add to my code:

from PIL import _imaging

But there is one new problem. After using cx_freeze, I get "No module named _imagingtk".

But the solution like previous doesn't work. If I try:

from PIL import _imagingtk

I get "DLL load failed".

File _imagingtk.pyd exists in my PIL folder but I can't load this module even from Python-interprer.

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The only reason i know of that that can happen is if the _imagingtk.pyd is not for your python version. Oh, could you post the link to the unofficial version? I've been searching for it for awhile.

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Here is a link: lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs – splash27 Dec 11 '12 at 14:50

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