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Possible Duplicate:
redirecting output to a file in C

I'm running a process as follows:

char* [NUM];
char[0] = processName;
char[1] = arg0;
char[NUM] = 0;

The question is how I can make it redirect its output to


I tried adding it to the args array but it sent it as arguments to the program...

Any idea anyone?


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see as well – sehe Nov 20 '12 at 10:18
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First open the target you want, then close the fd you want to reassign, use dup2 to connect it there, and close the previous open:

int tmpFd = open( "/dev/null", O_WRONLY );
if ( tmpFd == -1 ) {
    //  Real problem, couldn't open /dev/null
if ( dup2( tmpFd, 1 ) ) != 1 ) {
    //  Real problem, dup2 failed.
close( tmpFd ); 
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