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I have an application on titanium and I wonder how to recover push from apple in my app.

The finality is to open specific window according to the push data when the app open after notification click.


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there are no "didReceiveLocalNotification" in Titanium ? –  Thomas Leduc Nov 20 '12 at 14:52

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I find alone : Titanium.Network.registerForPushNotifications is called after the resume if the resumed come from click on notification. I think it's best way at this time.

app.globals.is_resumed = true; // where app.globals is your globals object in app

    success: successCallback,
    error: errorCallback,
    callback: function(notif) {
             // you can use notif.data ..
             if (app.globals.is_resumed === false) {
                // application is launch on notification click
             } else {
                // application is already launch when notification pop

Titanium.App.addEventListener('pause', function() {
    app.globals.is_resumed = true;

Titanium.App.addEventListener('resumed', function(e) {
        app.globals.is_resumed = false;
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