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For some reason the following query returns the following error message in sqlite. I normally use cross table joins but as this is not possible for updates in sqlite it's a sub-query instead. This could be a case of tired eyes but I can't seem to see the issue. Any help is appreciated.

near "." : Syntax Error

    set tbl1.[some_field1] = (SELECT tbl2.[some_fieldA]||substr(tbl2.[some_fieldB],1,2)     
                              FROM tbl2
                               WHERE tbl2.[some_fieldC] = tbl1.[some_field2])
    tbl1.[file_name] = "some_arbitrary_file.txt"
    AND tbl1.[some_field1] IS NULL 
    OR tbl1.[some_field1] = "";
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The UPDATE command handles only one table, so it is never necessary to specify the table for the columns to be updated. Drop the tbl1. in the SET:

... SET [some_field1] = ...
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ah my god, I knew it had to be something simple like this. Thanks a million. It seems amazing that the interpreter would not ok it since the table name is correct. Then again I'm sure they have their reasons. All the best. –  jiraiya Nov 20 '12 at 12:31

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