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I want to know the key points of why we choose SQL over NOSql or vice versa. Currently GAE support for the SQL. Which one is better and why?

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If you need to optimize your DB for speed and costs, I prefer the NDB datastore.

Here is nice video about the "battle" between the app engine datastore and appengine SQL: https://developers.google.com/events/io/sessions/gooio2012/306/

The app engine OO datastore is also very flexible, because you do not have schema constraints. Have you ever changed your SQL schema and done a data migration during agile project development?

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This is a very subjective. There is no answer that will cover all scenarios. Relational DBs have strengths and weaknesses. NoSQL DBs sometimes solve some weaknesses of relational DBs but at a cost. There is no silver bullet.

What is your use case? Do you have an existing relational DB? Do you have some problems with your current DB architecture that you are looking to solve with a NoSQL DB?

A good read about several popular relations DBs can be found here and recommended as a starting point: http://www.christof-strauch.de/nosqldbs.pdf

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NoSQL wins on:

  • no intervention required as data set grows (need to shard on SQL)
  • no intervention required as load grows (need to mirror on SQL)


  • data consistency in queries (need to handle eventual consistency in NoSQL)
  • richness of queries performed (query types very limited in NoSQL)
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