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function GetMessageFromDB(&$id, &$phone, &$message)
  $found = FALSE;

  $stmt = $this->db->prepare('SELECT id, phone, message FROM messages WHERE count <= 0 LIMIT 1');
  $stmt->bind_result($id, $phone, $message);
  $found = $stmt->fetch();

  echo("GetMessageFromDB: ... ");

  if ($found) {
    $this->db->query("UPDATE messages SET `count`=count+1 WHERE `id`=$id");
  } else {
    echo("not found\n");

  return $found;

function SendAll()
  while (true) {
    $found = $this->GetMessageFromDB($id, $phone, $message);
    while ($found) {
    # $this->DoSomething($phone, $message);
      $found = $this->GetMessageFromDB($id, $phone, $message);
    echo("sleep ...\n");

When I run SendAll(), results are correctly retrieved from the DB one by one. Later, when all records are updated (count from 0 to 1), I update the database record via Sequel Pro (count from 1 to 0). The strange thing is, the program keeps showing not found in the sleep loop.

However, if I ctrl-c the program and restart. Records are found again. What's wrong in my code?

Database connection setup:

  $this->db = new mysqli('', 'username', 'password', 'sendmsg');
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$found = $stmt->fetchAll();

Try this

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