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There are few forms in my project which involve lot of validations and server calls. So, I thought of using 'backbone-forms.js' for these. Currently I am playing around with this code : http://jsfiddle.net/evilcelery/VkUFu/ to see if 'backbone-forms.js' caters to all my needs.

Surely we can give our own custom templates to individual components like 'list', 'date' etc as defined in https://github.com/powmedia/backbone-forms#customising-templates. But in my workplace, all html templates should be independent from the javascript implementations so that the classes and markup can be edited based on the needed appearances (javascript coding is based on the field ids which will not be altered). My problem is that I am unable to use my own custom template for the forms built using 'backbone-forms.js'.

Is there any way to make the template.html independent from javascript(like in case of handlebars.js) ?

Is there someway that we can use a compiled handlebars template with all form fields in the template.html and using Backbone.Form functionality or is this not possible?


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The snippets are just strings, you could extract those strings from <script> containers. –  mu is too short Nov 20 '12 at 18:30
@muistooshort Thanks. In the <script> container, we have snippets for components like 'field', 'radio' etc. Is there some way I can define the entire template (like we do while using handlebars)? –  noob coder Nov 21 '12 at 5:15
Sorry, I don't use backbone-forms (hence the comment instead of an answer) so I don't know how to make it behave sensibly. –  mu is too short Nov 21 '12 at 5:23

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If I understand your question well, you would like to load html templates from individual sources dynamically (like from .../templates/category.html) instead of letting BackboneForms render it from the schema or having to define them in an ugly way in the javascript code like here

You can load your html template on the go as a string with ajax (or better, with Require.js) and call Backbone.Form.setTemplates({templateName: templateBodyAsString}). It won't override other already registered templates with other names, see setTemplates's implementation below.

If you use $.ajax(), you can put your form rendering code in the success callback. If you use Require.js, it will be easier, not to mention its caching mechanism, if all of your BB modules/forms load their own templates every time, then Require.js will only do the ajax request first time a module needs the same template.

The body of the Backbone.Form.setTemplates function:

function (templates, classNames) {
    var createTemplate = helpers.createTemplate;

    Form.templates = Form.templates || {};
    Form.classNames = Form.classNames || {};

    //Set templates, compiling them if necessary
    _.each(templates, function(template, key, index) {
      if (_.isString(template)) template = createTemplate(template);

      Form.templates[key] = template;

    //Set class names
    _.extend(Form.classNames, classNames);
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