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I'd like to use a callout to allow a rename. The callout contains a textInput (embedded in component) which is populated via binding. The callout is opened with a different text each time. Unfortunately, only the first text is shown each time, whatever I can write to the binding data. I’ve attached a sample.

I’ve noticed that when then component is attached to view when the callout closes, then reattached to the callout, the textinput is updated correctly.

Any help will be welcome.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:View xmlns:fx="" 
xmlns:s="library://" title="TestChgCallout2"

    <s:Callout id="COrename"/>
    <fx:Component className="Rename">
                [Event(name="cancel", type="")]
                [Event(name="updated", type="")]

                [Bindable] private var _nom:String="";
                private var _NewName:String="";

                public function set nom(s:String):void {

                public function get nom():String {
                    return _NewName;

                private function doUpd():void {
                    var req:XML=<req><oldName></oldName><newName></newName></req>;
                    req.oldName = _nom;
                    req.newName = Nom.text;
                    this.dispatchEvent(new Event('updated'))

            <s:HGroup verticalAlign="middle">
                <s:Label width="90" text="Nom" verticalAlign="middle"/>
                <s:TextInput id="Nom" text="{_nom}" width="201" maxChars="23" restrict="a-z A-Z0-9" />
            <s:HGroup width="100%" verticalAlign="middle" horizontalAlign="center">
                <s:Button label="cancel" click="this.dispatchEvent(new Event('cancel'))"/>
        <s:Button label="update" click="doUpd()"/>

<s:HGroup gap="5">
    <s:Label text="{'Count:' + i.toString()}" />
    <s:Label text="{'result:' + _res}" />
         <s:Button id="Bt" label="call" click="doCall()" />

        [Bindable] private var i:int=0;
        private var renPlan:Rename = new Rename();
        [Bindable] private var _res:String="";

        private function init():void {
            renPlan.addEventListener("cancel", onPlanUpdCancel);
            renPlan.addEventListener("updated", onPlanUpdated);

        private function doCall():void {
            if (COrename.isOpen) {
            } else {
                renPlan.nom = "test #"+i.toString();
      , false);

        private function onPlanUpdCancel(e:Event):void {

        private function onPlanUpdated(e:Event):void {
            _res = renPlan.nom;

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Have you tried the usual suggestion for these cases - to change the skin?

<s:TextInput skinClass="" id="Nom" 
text="{_nom}" width="201" maxChars="23" restrict="a-z A-Z0-9" />
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Many thanks, this works. My mistake, I had seen this suggestion but never tested as I did not find any common point between my issue and this suggestion. – serge Nov 21 '12 at 18:28

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