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I am working on an app and use the GridLayout.Spec to set row and column span programmatically. But there is a problem: If i start the app on an AVD with API 16 everything works fine. If i start it on an AVD or Handy with API 15 the row and columnSpan does not change.

GridLayout.Spec should be available since API 14 so where is the problem?

FrameLayout container = (FrameLayout) widget.getParent();
GridLayout.LayoutParams params = (android.widget.GridLayout.LayoutParams) container
params.columnSpec = GridLayout.spec(widget.getPosition().x, columnSpan);
params.rowSpec = GridLayout.spec(widget.getPosition().y, rowSpan);

The widget is my own class.

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There is support library that contains GridLayout, maybe you could try to use that.

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