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I am using jquery to get the value of a checkbox. However, what is happening is that the value is getting duplicated and seems to be getting values for all checkboxes in the while loop. I would be grateful if someone could point out my error. Thank you.

UPDATE: Current code. Now only selecting first entry. No output on further checkbox clicks.

PHP Code

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) 
    $ticket = $row['ticket_frm'];
    $rowdate = date("d/m/Y",strtotime($row['date_frm']));
    $id = $row['id_frm'];
    $from = $row['from_frm'];
    $subject = $row['subject_frm'];
    $message = $row['message_frm'];

    $myString = <<<EOF
    <span><input id="check" type="checkbox" name="delete" value="<?php echo $ticket ?>"></span>
    <div class='msgTrue buttonMailTrue' data-message='%s' data-subject='%s' data-rowdate='%s' data-from='%s'>

    <img src="images/sml_new_mail_icon.gif" class="mailIcon" alt="" />$subject;
    <div class="rowdate">$rowdate</div><br />
    <span class="mailFrom">$from</span>
    <p class="checked"></p>
    <!-- The following end tag need to be at the start of the line -->
    printf($myString, $message, $subject, $rowdate, $from);
}   echo '<p class="checked">'.'</p>';

jQuery Code

$(function() {
    $("#check").click(function() {
       var isChecked = $(this).prop("checked");  // or $(this).prop("checked")
         if (isChecked) {
           $("p.checked").html("Checkbox is checked: <b>True</b>");
       } else {
           $("p.checked").html("Checkbox is checked: <b>False</b>");

}); });

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According your code and selectors, there are many input class="check" elements on your page.
You find them by class name, so this is why they are duplicate.

Use id-attribute and $("#id") syntax to get right values, or use this keyword in your code:

//var isChecked = $('.check').is(':checked'); - wrong
var isChecked = $(this).is(':checked'); // right

You didn't provide unique id for your elements. Of cause this doesn't work. Your error is the same as earlier.
Try this code:

<input id="check$ticket" type="checkbox" name="delete" value="<?php echo $ticket ?>">

Same for javascript - you have to find element by it's unique id

  $("#check" + TICKET_NUMBER_HERE).click(function() {
   var isChecked = $(this).prop("checked");  // or $(this).prop("checked")
     if (isChecked) {
       $("p.checked").html("Checkbox is checked: <b>True</b>");
   } else {
       $("p.checked").html("Checkbox is checked: <b>False</b>");
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+1 for nice catch :) –  Shree Nov 20 '12 at 10:40
@VisioN Thank for typo correcting. –  VMAtm Nov 20 '12 at 10:42
It is still returning duplicate values. If it makes a difference, I am testing against ie6/7. –  user1532468 Nov 20 '12 at 12:41
@user1532468 Bring us the simplified Html with your input so we can test it. –  VMAtm Nov 20 '12 at 12:54
Updated original code. Thanks –  user1532468 Nov 20 '12 at 14:00

You should use this to work with current checkbox:

$(".check").click(function() {
    var isChecked = this.checked;  // or $(this).prop("checked")
    if (isChecked) {
        $("p.checked").html("Checkbox is checked: <b>True</b>");
    } else {
        $("p.checked").html("Checkbox is checked: <b>False</b>");
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Change your jquery code to. As $('.check') returns array of object it is by default checking property of 1st object only

$(function() {
    var isChecked = $(this).is(':checked');
      $('p.checked').html('Checkbox is checked: <b>True</b>');
      $('p.checked').html('Checkbox is checked: <b>False</b>');
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$(".check").click( function() { 
        "Checkbox is checked: <b>" + $(this).is(":checked") + "</b>" );
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