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I have my @albums which are working fine; pickung data up with albums.json. What I'd like to do is to split this @albums in three parts. I was thinking of something like { "ownAlbums" : [ ... ], "friendSubscriptions" : [ ... ], "otherSubscriptions" : [ ... ] } But I got several errors like

syntax error, unexpected tASSOC, expecting kEND @albums["own"] => @albums

when I tried

@albums["own"] => @albums


TypeError (Symbol as array index):

when I tried:

@albums[:otherSubscriptions] = 'others'

and so on. I never tried something like this before but this .json is just a simple array ? How can I split it in three parts ? Or do I have to modify the active record to do so ? Because if so, I'd find another way than splitting.

Second Edit I tried something like this and it's actually working:

@albums = [*@albums]
own = []
cnt = 0
@albums.each do |ownAlbum|
cnt = cnt.to_int
  own[cnt] = ownAlbum

subs = Subscription.where(:user_id => @user.user_id)

@albums[0] = own
@albums[1] = subs

But where I have [0] and [1] I'D prefer Strings. But then I get the error: TypeError (can't convert String into Integer):

How to get around that ?

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Could you add the code you are using to "split" this @albums array ? If you do not have one, of course the code your wrote is not working, please give us information about how you would to split it ? I guess it will depend of some fields of each array ? Also the part about the .json is not clear.. – Adrien Coquio Nov 20 '12 at 10:44
I'll edit it to the question – user1697061 Nov 20 '12 at 11:08

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