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I am trying to get my Paypal subscription to redirect to a custom page after a successful checkout.

Before submitting to Paypal I overload the submit handler, run my own function (to store details) and return a unique id. I want to attach that id to my return URL. (as a GET or POST var so to speak)

I have turned auto redirect "on" in my Paypal sandbox sellers preferences, but it only seems to re-direct to the URL that I HAVE to put in there.

using the <input type="hidden" name="return" value="someurl" /> does no seem to work.

I want it this way so that I can capture the user information when entered with a "non-paid" flag, then via the IPN I can update that record with a "PAID" flag, and I want to use the unique ID to tie it all together so to speak.

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Your hidden field name needs to comply with the accepted variable name required by PayPal. Does ReturnUrl (not case-sensitive) not work?

<input type=hidden name="RETURNURL" value="https://www.YourReturnURL.com"> 

Note: I have only investigated and implemented express checkout so this may not apply to your implemenation: https://cms.paypal.com/en/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=developer/e_howto_api_ECGettingStarted

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The documented name is 'return' according to the current IPN manual. –  EJP Jan 11 '13 at 22:32

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