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I'm getting strange problem with pie.htc and IE8. I have many elements on page that has rounded corners but pie works only for one element. My CSS is correct - I mean selectors are correctly assigned to pie behavior. What elese could be wrong?

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I have some experience using css3 pie and they have not been great. Here are the fixes i have used:

  • The elements that you are applying the behavior library too need to be position: relative for a start, so check that first. It may fix it.

  • If you want it to work in IE6 and 7 you need to add zoom: 1. I know you said you were using IE8 but my customers have said that in the past and it has been in compatibility mode, so always best to add that setting.

  • CSS 3 Pie does not support browser zooming either on background images so check that you are viewing the website in the 100% view and no other.

Hope that has helped. If you could post a jsfiddle then I could try and help further. If not check the css3pie known issues http://css3pie.com/documentation/known-issues/

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Found a solution. Problem was that for these elements was used background with filter. Also css3pie sets background for these elements. After removing this filter everything works fine.

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