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Can someone explain why this does not work? (I am using Chrome Developer Console)

-> "/Xmp\.MP\.RegionInfo\/MPRI:Regions/"
-> "Xmp.MP.RegionInfo/MPRI:Regions[1]"
-> -1
-> -1
-> -1
-> 0

It make absolutely no sense to me that the search does not match if i use the variables....

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I can't reproduce this behavior: key.search(/Xmp\.MP\.RegionInfo\/MPRI:Regions/) outputs -1. I get 0 instead, as is expected. –  Asad Nov 20 '12 at 11:13

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It looks like pattern is a String in your first example, it needs to be a RegExp object:

var pattern = /Xmp\.MP\.RegionInfo\/MPRI:Regions/
var key = "Xmp.MP.RegionInfo/MPRI:Regions[1]"

key.search(pattern); // equals 0

If you want to convert a string to a regex, use the RegExp constructor (but remove the slashes):

var pattern = new RegExp("Xmp\.MP\.RegionInfo\/MPRI:Regions");


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No it doesn't, but it is in the question. Can't explain it. –  Asad Nov 20 '12 at 11:14

In your example pattern appears to be a string. You need it to be a RegExp object.

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In first case your pattern is wrapped in quotes, so it is string. In second case it is without quotes -> it is RegExp object.

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