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Sometimes I have the following links

<a href="#" class="next_link ">Next</a>

<a href="#" class="next_link no_more">Next</a>

But I'm only trying to select the a tags that DOES NOT HAVE no_more inside it. I tried the following but to no avail

$('a.next_link.not(.no_more)').live('click', function (){
    $('html,body').animate({scrollTop: $("#dp-products-con").offset().top},'slow');


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It should be $('a.next_link:not(.no_more)')

Note the : used before not. That is the right way of using it. You were using .not which means with a class not

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This should work too

$('a.next_link').not('.no_more').live('click', function (){
    $('html,body').animate({scrollTop: $("#dp-products-con").offset().top},'slow');

Maybe you you should use the '.on' event instead of 'live' for better performance.

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