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I need to send two different XMLs (by FreeMarker) to two different endpoints. i.e.




I had a look at the multicast() function but I don't know how to apply it when there are two .to

Could anyone please help me?

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Yes you can specify multiple endpoints in the same .to(uri1, uri2, ...) then it becomes as a single "eip".

  .to(uri1a, uri1b)
  .to(uri2a, uri2b)
.end() // to end multicast

Otherwise you would have to enclose it using the pipeline eip.

  .pipeline().to(uri1a).to(uri1b).end() // to end this pipeline
  .pipeline().to(uri2a).to(uri2b).end() // to end this pipeline
.end() // to end multicast
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Thank you very much indeed Claus –  user1838538 Nov 20 '12 at 15:01

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