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Does there already exist a widget which would allow the user to pick his/her choice from one of Google Webfonts fonts and you could embed this widget to your own web application?


Some kind of advanced Font picker dialog with robust search and preview functionality, allowing dynamically to load Google Webfonts.

Does Google Webfonts expose the necessary listing and metadata to build such widget if one doesn't exist yet?

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i've found one project: https://github.com/agoragames/GWFSelect-for-jQuery-UI

a few drawbacks i noticed:

  • fouc as you scroll through the list of typefaces
  • seems to download the entire typeface rather than the needed characters
  • depends on jQuery UI

a nice project though and might do the job. note that if you are trying to use it you will probably need to use your own api key. you can get one from google.

Does Google Webfonts expose the necessary listing and metadata to build such widget if one doesn't exist yet?

they have an api which you can use to build such a widget: https://developers.google.com/webfonts/docs/developer_api

i imagine google docs uses this api for their amazing font chooser.

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Great, thanks Peter! I tested the demo on FF and could not get it working, but this is probably enough to built my own selector. –  Mikko Ohtamaa Jan 13 '13 at 22:24
@MikkoOhtamaa you probably need to add your api key (the public api is rate limited). in javascript/jquery.gwfselect.js change line 6 from var fontURL = 'googleapis.com/webfonts/v1/webfonts';, to var fontURL = 'googleapis.com/webfonts/v1/webfonts?key=<YOUR API KEY FROM code.google.com/apis/console >', –  PETER Jan 14 '13 at 18:35

Take a look at Bootstrap Form Helpers: http://bootstrapformhelpers.com/googlefont/

They provide a really nice Google Web Fonts chooser without the drawbacks mentioned for GWFSelect-for-jQuery-UI because they use a prerendered preview image and an exported font list for the select box.

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Page is unavailable... –  Peter Fox Jun 16 '14 at 8:07

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