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I have managed to use the grey scale command to make a 3D scatter plot with the third dimension representing a color gradient. I have hit a wall when trying to produce the legend that coincides with it though. I already have the range of colors I want I just dont know how to tell R to make them into a legend. Here is my code.




colors <- rev(grey(1:101/101))
zcolor <- colors[round((sugar.visits.cono -min(sugar.visits.cono))/diff(range(sugar.visits.cono))*100 + 1)]
plot(conocarp.stands,fimb.size, pch=1, cex=1.8,ann=FALSE)
points(conocarp.stands,fimb.size,col=zcolor, pch=16, cex=1.5)

zcolor is my z axis values and should be able to be used to produce my legend. I have tried working with various packages i.e. SDMTools and fields but I shouldnt need to go that rout.

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perhaps a sequential palette using hcl would work also? – Chris Johnson Nov 21 '12 at 8:20
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Try this,


d = data.frame(conocarp.stands = conocarp.stands,
               fimb.size = fimb.size,
               sugar.visits.cono = sugar.visits.cono)

ggplot(data = d, mapping = aes(x = conocarp.stands, y = fimb.size)) +
     geom_point(aes(colour = sugar.visits.cono), shape = 19)

last_plot() + scale_colour_gradient(high="grey10", low="grey90") + theme_bw()
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using the raster.grid command I found you could also solve this question, however i could not figure out how to label the axis. Thank you so much Baptiste I have been avoiding the ggplots 2 package but i think it is time i dove in. Here is my code using raster.grid if it helps anyone:

library(grid) grid.raster(1:101/101,width=.075,height=.1)

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