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I have a problem when trying to format a price for an in-app purchase. Specifically, I have issues with displaying a Norwegian price using the correct currency symbol ("kr") when using the locale given to me by SKProduct.

The current locale ("nb_NO") has the correct currency symbol, "kr". However, the locale given to me by the SKProduct ("en_NO@currency=NOK") has "NOK" both as currency code and symbol. In addition to make the price rendering look silly, NSNumberFormatter gives a default currency sign (¤) unless I specifically set it to something else.

This happens in iOS 6, but on my other test device which has iOS 4.3 it works fine (4.3 SKProduct locale is "nb_NO@currency=NOK").

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This miraculously started working by itself a day or two after I posted. I don't know if it was repeated use or some magic fairy discovering my post. I guess all is well that ends well..

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