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I have a java package which contains two classes. Class A and Class B. I need to create an object of A type in class B. I don't know what is happening. Please someone help me out.

package pack;

class A

class B

I'm using JDK1.5 and tomcat and placed them in java folder in my D drive.



Right now, my package folder is also in above location


Below is how i am compiling my java class files.

Step 1: Compiling A.java

D:\Java\pack>set path=D:\java\jdk1.5\bin (setting up path for jdk1.5 compiler)

D:\Java\pack>javac A.java (Successfuly compiled and formed A.class)

Step 1: Compiling B.java

D:\Java\pack>javac B.java (here, i get an error message )

Below is the ERROR message

Error Message

D:\Java\pack>javac B.java

B.java:9: cannot find symbol

symbol : class A

location: class pack.B

            A a = new A();    //creating an object of A type

B.java:9: cannot find symbol

symbol : class A

location: class pack.B

            A a = new A();      //creating an object of A type

2 errors

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javac pack\A.java pack\B.java

will do the trick. The compiler has to be able to resolve everything in one invocation. If it's looking for


then that corresponds to


in the directory structure

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@Brian Agnew with your trick. Both A.java and B.java are compiled successfully. Using a jsp page, i just set the value variable user that belongs to A.class (public void setName(String name){this.name = name}) (public String getName(){return name;}) i want to access getName function in B.class where i am getting null. I created an A type object in class B and call public String getTemp(){B obj = new B(); temp = obj.getName(); return temp;} //inside B class the variable temp should contains the value that i have set in A class. But it displays Null. –  Sid Chaudhry Nov 20 '12 at 13:47

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