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I upgraded today from Ubuntu 12.04 which I think had g++-4.6 to Ubuntu 12.10 with g++-4.7.2. In my code I had a few functions marked as __attribute__((always_inline)). The reason for this was simply that profiling showed me that it increased the performance of the code significantly. It worked fine with g++ 4.6 but now with g++ 4.7 I get the error message:

error: inlining failed in call to always_inline 'void func_name(args)': function body can be overwritten at link time

I can't share my actual code, I've tried to narrow it down but when I change too much the error goes away, so that's not helpful. I'm interested in the root cause of this error message.

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It wasn't my intention to answer this myself, but I accidentally found the answer a few minutes after I had posted.

The reason for this (cryptic) error message was that the function was not marked as inline, only __attribute((always_inline)).

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