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I am using the following coding

     #thediv {
     margin:0 auto;
   img {
     position: relative;
     left: 50%;
     top: 50%;
  <input type="button" value ="-" onclick="zoom(0.9)"/>
  <input type="button" value ="+" onclick="zoom(1.1)"/>
  <div id="thediv">
    <img id="pic" src=""/>

  window.onload = function(){
  function zoom(zm) {
    ht=img.height*zm)+"px"*zm)+"px" = -(img.width/2) + "px"; = -(img.height/2) + "px";

For making a simple zoom in and zoom out function.

I this i have a difficulty of the image is zooming indefinitely. i want to fix a position to zoom in and zoom out. The image must not exceed that position while zooming in and zooming out.

I am adding a fiddle to this link

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Here you go:

var zoomLevel = 100;
var maxZoomLevel = 105;
var minZoomLevel = 95;

function zoom(zm) {
    var img=document.getElementById("pic");
    if(zm > 1){
        if(zoomLevel < maxZoomLevel){
    }else if(zm < 1){
        if(zoomLevel > minZoomLevel){
    wid = img.width;
    ht = img.height; = (wid*zm)+"px"; = (ht*zm)+"px"; = -(img.width/2) + "px"; = -(img.height/2) + "px";

You can modify the zoom levels to whatever you want.

I modified the fiddle a bit, since you only need to add javascript to the bottom-left area.

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Thanks man..... – Vivek Dragon Nov 20 '12 at 12:48

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