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i have 2 tables. Table1 and Table2. Table1 has Button "Add line". On click in both tables are added lines. Tables have the same number of rows. Each row in the first table has a button that deletes the current line. It is necessary that this button deletes the corresponding row in the second table


//+ GENERATED - DO NOT EDIT (ID:DBE5BAB4-5E5A-461D-A88D-88E626F6B072 CRC:3827021343)
//+ Type: Action
//+ Result2: RemoveInstance("$Node3","currentindex","")
//+ Result1: RemoveInstance("$Node2","currentindex","")
//+ Node3: form1[0].Page[0].Table2[0].Data_row_table2[0]
//+ Node2: form1[0].Page[0].Table1[0].Data_row_table1[0]
//+ Node1: form1[0].Page[0].Table1[0].Data_row_table1[0].Delete[0]
//+ Condition1: Button("$Node1","click")
//+ ActionName:
if ( < 8) {
if ( < 8) {

How i can remove both instance?

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I have found the solution.

must first delete a row from the second table

form1.Page.Table1.Data_row_table1.Delete::click - (FormCalc, client)
var row_index = $.parent.index
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you don't need to delete from the second table first. you just need to store the index in a variable before deleting. – harun Nov 5 '13 at 10:00

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