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I have a function where I need to retrieve a Table view of my data. As I need to bind the data to a grid I need the results as a Table.

    internal static Table<MyObject> GetUsersData()
        var db = new DataContext();

        var results = from user in db.Results
                      where user.Type == "USERTYPE"
                      select user;

        return results;

if I was to get the whole table it works fine as it retrieves the table as a Table.

 var results = db.Results;

The error I get is

Error   6   Cannot implicitly convert type An explicit conversion exists 

Is there a way to cast the results into a table?

Im trying to bind this data to a grid, Im starting to think I should create a View on the database.

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Have your method return: IQueryable<Result>

internal static IQueryable<Result> GetUsersData()
//...your method code
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ok, just tried it and worked, didnt know datagridview would accept anything else that wasnt a DataTable. –  IEnumerable Nov 20 '12 at 11:55

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