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I have 3 preference settings:
- An EditTextPreference to enter a web address
- An EditTextPreference to enter a port
- A ListPreference to show some elements from the web page (e.g. defined by the previous 2 settings.

To make this viable, I was thinking to validate the web connection on the click of the 3rd setting. So far, I was able to catch the click to dynamically fill the ListPreference:

ListPreferenceDynamic dlp = (ListPreferenceDynamic)findPreference(strKey);
dlp.setOnClickListner(new ListPreferenceDynamicOnClickListener() 
    public void onClick(ListPreferenceDynamic preference) 
        String[] astr = astrOpenWebPageAndGetInfo(strAddress, strPort);

        if (astr != null)

My problem now is to find a way to prevent to show the ListPreference dialog when there is a problem, let say, with the internet address. I would like only to show a Toast to explain the problem without showing an empty ListPreference dialog.

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