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I have a php webpage, where I use OpenSSL to encript a text in php (openssl_private_decrypt).
Encripted text: bhYtdNghwutjxqgHg8AoyebLm5AY+X/4GLNzzb0PVuyiUX2QKwwDBXH4kVQFJIqUUrm6nYGk740wWkSoAMzygA==

My problem:
I don't know how to decrypt it in a browser in JavaScript.
I'm looking for some code or library, which I can decode it.

Thanks for your furher help:

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Why are you doing this manually instead of letting the browser and web server handle it automatically by using HTTPS? –  Quentin Nov 20 '12 at 12:02
check out stackoverflow.com/a/3977325/861940 –  Bruno Nov 20 '12 at 12:06

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I found the answer:

I found an encryption algorithm in this page:
https://github.com/ziyan/javascript-rsa (You need the rsa.js and jsbn.js)
But it only contains the encryption algorithm, and some characters are encrypted bad.

I'd written an decryption code into the js, and changed that code, what makes an error in the encryption.

And you'll need the following libraries from here!

  • prng4.js
  • rng.js

Finally you shold change the following text for this:

var RSA = {

I hopes, I helped for somebody.

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You may want to try out forge as well -- it does RSA encryption/decryption and more. There are lots of examples on the README:


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What you could also use is our NoSSL, it is open-source and free for private/non-commercial use: http://www.nossl.net There is also an Indiegogo campaign right now: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nossl-security-for-your-website/x/6399437

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