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I have a radbutton with the name "rbtnDelete".Here i am trying to register below code on page OnInit method

ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "ConfirmDelete", 
"function(sender,args){ConfirmDelete(sender, args, 'dgvContactList',

.But it is not working. But if i try to use in aspx with this code it is working fine

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OnClientClicking is an AJAX event of a JavaScript class representing the RadButton, not a standard DOM event. The approach you used would work great if a DOM event (as in my second example below), but since Telerik has an AJAX API, you should be able to do instead:

this.rbtnDelete.OnClientClicking = 
"function(sender,args){ConfirmDelete(sender, args, 

The DOM-specific way is this:

"function(sender,args){ConfirmDelete(sender, args, 'dgvContactList',

If you do the latter, you have to stop propagation of a form submission. For the former, this would be the better option.

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