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Has anybody met such a strange graphite behavior when it skips and cuts off some metrics and metric names?

For example, when I import a file which is about ~20Mb with the command

cat ./metrics.log | nc graphite-host 2003

that contains the data like this

pkd.zont_10_4_8_107.histogram.ibgm_fx_import.failure.lifetime.min 0.0000 1353400609
pkd.zont_10_4_8_107.histogram.ibgm_fx_import.failure.lifetime.max 0.0000 1353400609
pkd.zont_10_4_8_107.histogram.ibgm_fx_import.failure.lifetime.arithmetic_mean 0.0000 1353400609
pkd.zont_10_4_8_107.histogram.ibgm_fx_import.failure.lifetime.geometric_mean 0.0000 1353400609
pkd.zont_10_4_8_107.histogram.ibgm_fx_import.failure.lifetime.harmonic_mean 0.0000 1353400609
pkd.zont_10_4_8_107.histogram.ibgm_fx_import.failure.lifetime.median 0.0000 1353400609

some metric names become invalid and even not all the metrics from the file are imported.

invalid metric name

As you can see the metric zont_10_4_8_107 is displayed as nt_10_4_8_107

Could you help with solving this issue?

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Thanks everybody. The problem is solved. The file with metrics was corrupted.

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