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I have xml. It's movie showtimes, and i try parse.

    <show id="160575" film_id="7043" cinema_id="89" hall_id="241">
            <time time="10:30:00">
                <prices>20, 30</prices>

I parse my XML and echo content : String "film_id_m" must be 7043 from the tag .

$xmlstr = file_get_contents('test.xml');
$x = new SimpleXMLElement($xmlstr); 
$id_f = 89;
$cinema_id = "//show[@cinema_id=".$id_f."]";


$begin_m = $cinema[0]->begin;
$end_m = $cinema[0]->end;
$film_id_m = ????????; 

echo "<b>BEGIN: </b>".$begin_m."<br>"; 
echo "<b>END: </b>".$end_m."<br>"; 
echo "<b>FILM ID: </b>".$film_id_m."<br>"; 

P.S: Sorry for my english.

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$cinema[0]->attributes("film_id") –  didierc Nov 20 '12 at 12:26
SimpleXmlElement attributes :) –  didierc Nov 20 '12 at 12:27

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As film_id is an attribute of the currently processed element, you can retrieve its value with either...

$film_id_m = $cinema[0]->attributes()->film_id;

... or just...

$film_id_m = $cinema[0]['film_id'];
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