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store = Observable(new Memory({data: data}));

chart.addSeries("Load Cell 0", new StoreSeries(store, { query: { load_cell_id:0 }}, "kn"));

How would I go about doing a more advanced query with the Store Series?

For the above i need all 'load_cell_id = 0' and 'date_time < 12345' or other time stamp.

At the moment i can only get load_cell_id:0 to work.

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As with dojo/store/Memory you can use a function as a query (source):

    return product.price < 10;
    // called for each match

See my answer to Is it possible to filter data in a dgrid like you can in a datagrid? for more complex example. Alternatively, in the case you need bad ass querying, there is Resource Query Language as I mentioned in the answer to How to query a dgrid on multiple columns (example code here).

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I cant quite work out where to put that when creating a new StoreSeries ? – user1294320 Nov 20 '12 at 13:34
Well I have no experience with that, but I would say new StoreSeries(store, { query: function(item) { /* return true or false */} }, "kn"). – phusick Nov 20 '12 at 13:40

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